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I'm supposed to bake something for a NYE party tonight. So I'm trying a raspberry chocolate bundt cake.

I'm afraid it will be a real bitch getting it out of the mold because it's overflowed and baked onto the outside of the pan. Also I have no confidence in the total outcome because they didn't have raspberries and I had to opt for blackberries. Not sure what the combination of blackberries and chocolate will be like but certainly not like the delicate relationship of raspberries and chocolate.

I'm worried about thos big fissures, too.

Oye Vey. I hate it when things go kerflooey!

recipe later only if it turns out okay. I won't know that until tonight.

* * *

Well I got to taste it after all because the thing fell apart in two pieces when I tried to remove it from the pan. :-( I managed to paste it back together, sort of. and will see how it looks when glazed. On the plus side, it tasted good.

Here's the bad side, pieced together

And here's the good side

It will be dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with a chocolate glaze, which hopefully will further disguise the messy part.

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