blueberries4sal (blueberries4sal) wrote,

Fresh vs Frozen Turkey

last Thanksgiving's bird

Apparently if you go to the Giant and order a FRESH turkey, they give you a frozen one anyway. Fresh is the opposite of frozen when it comes to meat of any kind. What's the difference you ask? a LOT. First of all you don't know when the turkey was frozen so there's no way to tell how old it is. Second frozen and then thawed meat can sometimes get waterlogged leaving it tough and spongy. When meat is fresh you can tell so by the smell. It shouldn't have any, that is. If it starts smelling it's probably spoiled.

The first time this happened to me was Thanksgiving. I opened up the supposedly FRESH turkey to find ice inside it, which is a clear indication it had been frozen. Fortunately it didn't affect the meat, which was tender and good. This time I picked up the turkey and it was hard as a rock, frozen solid. A day in the refrigerator didn't even thaw it out. The neck was completely frozen inside the cavity and could not be removed without running warm water into it.

In both cases the turkey was from Shady Brook Farms and was clearly marked FRESH YOUNG TURKEY. There was no mention of it being frozen, or fresh frozen, or frozen fresh, or frozen anything. Yet frozen they were.

Next year I'm going to explore the possiblity of getting a turkey from a local turkey farm. Apparently there are lots to choose from.
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