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The Fleet Street Kitchen

Went out last night for an early anniversary dinner to the Fleet Street Kitchen near Fells Point. Various Baltimore restaurants were having a special soft shell crab week so we selected a place randomly that was participating. Had never been to the Fleet Street Kitchen before. The service was very special. They welcomed us with a personalized anniversary card and complimentary Rosé, and seviche which was very good. I ordered a cocktail-- the Colonel Baldwin's rum punch made with rum, cognac, madeira, cherry heering and I think some other spirits, no juice or base so it really packed a punch but was utterly delicious. As I said, the service was very special, even if the waiter did keep calling me "dear" which I didn't really appreciate. I think you call someone "dear" when they're a doddering 80 something, do I really look THAT old?

I ordered a creamy spring onion soup, which had crabmeat in it and it was delicious. Jon and I shared it as best we could. "Bread" was brought to the table and delicately served to us with tongs as if it was hot from an oven. It was not. Two half slices and it wasn't anything special. We didn't order any vegetable sides which came ala carte. When our soft shell crabs came our mouths must have dropped open. One paltry soft shell crab which had been breaded and fried despite our asking that it be lightly floured and sauteed. This is the first time in my experience that I ordered soft shell crabs and was not served TWO crabs. That is the standard portion in any restaurant that I've been in. There should have been two. The tiny crab was served on a bed of pesto, greens and a duck confit, which was a kind of strange pairing. Nonetheless we ate every scrap and were still hungry.

We ordered the "Campfire" for dessert, which was a sort of melange of flavors based on the s'more. Graham cracker crumbs supported a tablespoon on chocolate ice cream, dollops of marshmallow creme and a thin ring of chocolate mouse and threads of spun sugar to look like wisps of smoke-- it was all very gorgeous to look at, delicious to eat, but again, very sparing on the portion.

The bill came in at $125. including tip, considering we walked away unsated I think that's a pretty high price.

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