blueberries4sal (blueberries4sal) wrote,

Braised Scallops over Spinach Chive Linguine

This is what's cooking tonight!

with steamed spinach and a grating of Parrano cheese

cooking in the skillet with butter and garlic

almost caramelized


One thawed package of Trader Joes Frozen Sea Scallops (or a dozen fresh if you can get them)
tablespoon of minced garlic
3 tblspns butter

Trader Joes Spinach Chive Linguine
Steam-in-bag spinach

Pat dry the scallops on a paper towel, reserving the liquid they came in.
Melt butter over high, add garlic, brown slightly turn to medium
add scallops and cook over medium heat turning carefully as they cook.

This is a slow caramelizing process that takes probably about 15-20 min.
When done, add the reserved liquid and turn to low

Cook linguine, drain and rinse. Toss with a little olive oil
Steam spinach in bag as per directions

Serve everything, sprinkle with fresh lemon juice, salt if desired, and grated Parrano cheese.

(6 each for two people, or four each for three people)
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