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Stuffed Peppers

I wish I'd taken photos of mine. This is borrowed off the internet but they're stuffed with sausage and it's close to what mine looked like. Picture this but better browned on top and more delicious looking.

I made these for the first time last night. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get around to stuffed peppers. Maybe it's because I never muched like them when my Mom made them. Back then I didn't like ground beef mixed with anything else. I didn't even like homemade hamburgers, preferring instead, the MacDonald's kind of McBeef Mystery burger instead.

But I decided to make them and they were yuuuuuummmmmmeeeeeeee! I stuffed them with a mixture of ground chuck and ground sausage mixed with onion, celery, rice, and tomato and topped with cheddar cheese. I completely invented it last night. Here's how I did it.

INGREDIENTS: (makes ten stuffed pepper halves)

5 large green bell peppers (other colors would do, too, but they were more expensive)
1 lb of ground chuck
1/2 tube of breakfast sausage
1 cup of Basmati rice, cooked, fluffed and cooled
1 15oz can of whole peeled tomatoes
1 bunch of premium inner celery stalks
2 onions
olive oil
Italian seasoning, or Oregano
cheddar cheese


Since I chose large peppers, I sliced them in half top to bottom (preparing to lay them on their backs and stuff each half.)
Slice, seed and remove inner pulp and stem.
Boil in water for 5 min. (no more)- drain and cool

Prepare the cup of rice (1 cup of rice to 13/4 cups of water and a teaspoon of olive oil) Stir in a pot with a tight fitting lid. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer, cook 20 min. Let cool and fluff.

Finely chop the onions and celery and in a heavy skillet, sautee in a little olive oil till browned. Remove, and scrape into a large mixing bowl.

Brown the ground beef and sausage in the skillet, season with oregano, salt, pepper, and paprika.
Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon and press each spoonful with a spatula to drain fat-- place in mixing bowl.

Add the rice (you will have some left over rice--don't over do it)
Add the drained and chopped tomato
Mix everything together and scoop by large spoonfuls into the peppers. I usually could fit two large scoops in each pepper half (so they were mounded up)

Placed stuffed peppers on a greased sheet, top with grated cheddar cheese. And sprinkle with more paprika.
Bake in 350º oven for 15 mins, turn up to 400º and cook 5 more min.

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