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Sunday Brunch for 6 ~ Spinach Fritatta

Spinach Fritatta


8 eggs
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 bag of frozen spinach thawed and drained
1 onion, minced
1 tbsp olive oil
1 cup of grated parmesean cheese
salt, pepper to taste
a couple grates of whole nutmeg

Use a big iron skillet with a tight fitting cover
Sautee onion in olive oil until golden
add spinach and cook over med. heat stirring (see below)

In a large bowl, thoroughly beat the eggs and cottage cheese together, add the salt and pepper
Pour over spinach mixture, stir and scramble together for about 4 min.
Turn heat to low and cover. Let cook 5 more minutes or until egg is firm
Sprinkle with parmesean cheese, oregano, nutmeg and paprika, cover and turn off heat.

Serve in 10 min. or when everything looks melted.
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